Speaker Michael Schierenbeck

The Necessity of the Cross

Saturday June 25, 2022 Text: Luke 9:18-24 Speaker: Passages: Luke 9:18-24

Every religion has necessary ingredients to it. With Islam comes praying to Allah five times a day and making pilgrimages, and having women cover their faces. When you think of Mormonism you might think of abstinence from alcohol and caffeine. Jehovah’s Witnesses have a strong outreach program, you will see them going out two at

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The Security of Being Loved By God

Monday February 8, 2021 Text: Isaiah 62:1-5 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Isaiah 62:1-5

1. We know that He lets nothing get in the way of His plan to love us 2. We know that He rejoices over us as a groom rejoices over his bride

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