Season Easter


Sunday May 14, 2023 Text: 1 peter 3:13-22 Speaker: Festival: Passages: 1 peter 3:13-22

In our reading from Acts we heard Paul’s famous sermon at the Areopagus which is sometimes also called Mars Hill. This is a famous sermon. There was even a church named after this incident. This church and many others Paul’s sermon here is certainly powerful, but there is really no secret as to why it

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An Explosion of Grace

Sunday May 7, 2023 Text: John 14:1-14 Speaker: Festival: Passages: John 14:1-14

What is worrying you? What is weighing on your heart this morning? I woke in the middle of the night the other day thinking about everything I must get done before the end of the year. In my case that means that it must be finished this week. Jesus came to give us peace. He

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The Way That Was Shut Is Open

Sunday April 30, 2023 Text: John 10:1-10 Speaker: Festival: Passages: John 10:1-10

You know you are in a fairy tale when there are locked doors in the house, and you are told not to open them, or you will die. Audible had a sale on Audiobooks the other day and one of the books we got was “The Complete and Original Norwegian Folktales,” by Asbjørnsen and Moe.

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Sunday April 23, 2023 Text: Luke 24:13-35 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Luke 24:13-35

Because of our sinfulness our eyes are often closed to the truth that Jesus walks with us every day. Through the scriptures Jesus opens our eyes to see Him, to know Him and to walk with Him.

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The Resurrection Effect

Sunday April 16, 2023 Text: Acts 5:29-42 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Acts 5:29-42

For a long time, astrophysicists were quite certain of the existence of black holes, even though they had never seen one directly. The truth of their existence was deduced by the effect they have on the objects around them. Similarly, long before they ever found Pluto, they knew it was there because of the effect

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Welcome to the Empty Tomb

Saturday April 8, 2023 Text: Matthew 28:2 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Matthew 28:2

The angels roll back the tomb and they sit there. Who are they waiting for? In the gospels it is the women who come first to the tomb. They see the empty tomb and hear the angels, but the tomb is empty, and the angels are sitting there. Anyone could come to hear and see.

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Jesus Says Come

Sunday May 29, 2022 Text: Revelation 22:1-6 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Revelation 22:1-6

Let all those who desire to walk in the forest of life, come, and receive healing in the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Jesus Is Our Palm Tree

Sunday May 15, 2022 Text: Revelation 7:9-17 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Revelation 7:9-17

Friday after we took Kaylee to her appointments in Madison, Vanessa and I stopped at Yellowstone Lake State Park.  We were thinking perhaps we would go camping there for a few days later this summer. It was not a good day to think about camping. I generally like camping but standing out in the heat

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Sunday May 8, 2022 Text: Revelation 5:1-14 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Revelation 5:1-14

This vision reveals Christ’s ascension from the other side. It is give to those who are weary so that they may be strengthened to continue.

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Jesus Reigns With Us

Sunday May 1, 2022 Text: Revelation 1:4-18 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Revelation 1:4-18

Why does the book of Revelations matter? The book of Revelation is one that can be confusing. For example, just in our reading today “the Alpha and the Omega” is that a reference to the Father or to the Son? Or this  reference to the seven spirits, what does that mean? Verse, one also tells

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