Passage :

Give to Caesar

Thursday April 11, 2024 Text: Matthew 22:15-22 Passages: Matthew 22:15-22

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The Bags of Gold

Wednesday April 3, 2024 Text: Matthew 25:14-30 Passages: Matthew 25:14-30

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A Battle of One

Tuesday March 19, 2024 Text: Matthew 26:31-35 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Matthew 26:31-35

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A Battle of Silence

Wednesday March 6, 2024 Text: Matthew 27:11-14 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Matthew 27:11-14

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The Battle to Accept God’s Will

Sunday March 3, 2024 Text: Matthew 26:37-39 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Matthew 26:37-39

The Battle Is Difficult There are seven petitions in the Lord’s prayer, seven things that we ask for. Which of these is the hardest to pray? The fifth can be difficult. We ask that we learn to be as forgiving to others as God is to us. When we are filled with anger and resentment

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The Battle is Not Yours But the Lord’s: A Battle of Betrayal

Wednesday February 14, 2024 Text: Matthew 26:21-24 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Matthew 26:21-24

Betrayal – it makes for a great movie. There is nothing more suspenseful than a good betrayal. Whenever you hear “this show/movie has it all,” it almost always includes the word betrayal. In real life betrayal destroys relationships and is a seed for serious sins in the lives of both the betrayed and the betrayer.

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The Unforgiving Servant

Wednesday January 17, 2024 Text: Matthew 18:21-35 Passages: Matthew 18:21-35

Nothing anyone has ever done to us is as bad as the sins we commit against God. Yet God has forgiven us all. We also ought to forgive one another.

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The Transfiguration

Tuesday January 2, 2024 Text: Matthew 17:1-9 Passages: Matthew 17:1-9

Christ is true God and the only way to the Father

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The Point of Peace

Wednesday December 6, 2023 Text: Matthew 2:1-12 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Matthew 2:1-12

You need two lines to make a point of a star. Each line by itself would continue forever. Here at the point of a star the two lines come together. We need earthly things to live. We need food and clothing. We need money and friends and family. We need to know that people care

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