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Visiting the Empty Tomb

Sunday March 31, 2024 Text: Mark 16:1-8 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Mark 16:1-8

Last year I was reading a book and came across a quote that surprised me.  It was a quote from a second century Roman general who referred to the Jewish nation and their “tribal god.” It’s not surprising that an ancient roman would view the Lord God in such a way. Yet, it was one

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The Offerings of God

Thursday March 28, 2024 Text: Mark 14:12-26 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Mark 14:12-26

The words of institution to the Lord’s Supper are filled with the sacrificial language of the Old Testament. Words like body, blood, given, shed, poured out, and remission, call to mind the offerings and sacrifices of the Old Testament. Jesus makes it clear that his supper is to be an offering. Not an offering from

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Jesus Enters Jerusalem

Tuesday March 19, 2024 Text: Luke 19:28-40; Mark 11:1-10 Passages: Luke 19:28-40; Mark 11:1-10

Jesus enters Jerusalem as king, but not like an earthly king. He comes in humility. He comes to serve. He comes to die.

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Who Is The Christ?

Sunday February 25, 2024 Text: Mark 8:27-38 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Mark 8:27-38

There was one professor in particular at ILC who always made you show your work. Even if you got the answer right, if you didn’t get there the right way you still got it wrong. Similarly, some teachers want you to explain why on the true or false questions. Its not good enough to mark

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When the Lord Writes the Test

Sunday February 18, 2024 Text: Mark 1:9-15 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Mark 1:9-15

Back in the early 80s three students wrote the SAT board to point out that there was a mistake on the SAT. The board reviewed the test and realized they were right. They removed that question from the test and adjusted all the scores accordingly. For some people this was a good thing, their score

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The View is Always Worth It

Sunday February 11, 2024 Text: Mark 9:2-8 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Mark 9:2-8

I’ve been up and down a lot of mountains in my life, the Appalachians, The Rockies, the Sierra Navada, Cascades, Himalayan, Nilgiris, and others. This last summer we were driving up and down the mountains in Olympic National Park.  It is a lot of work getting up to the top. Even if you are driving

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The King Comes Like Rain On Parched Grass

Sunday February 4, 2024 Text: Mark 1:29-39 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Mark 1:29-39

In the gospel of John, Jesus opens his ministry with the miracle of water into wine at the wedding of Cana. The kids and I talked on Tuesday about how this miracle reminds us that Jesus came to bless. This first miracle of Jesus mirrors Genesis chapter two. Just as God freely gave Adam and

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He Speaks With Authority

Sunday January 28, 2024 Text: Mark 1:21-28 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Mark 1:21-28

A made the star in the back of church for Advent. It is a simple woodworking project and even as simple as that is the angles are off. The one at the back of the church is much better. This chair, however, shows a far greater proficiency with woodworking. This was made by an India

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The Gospel Keeps Going

Sunday January 21, 2024 Text: Mark 1:14-20 Passages: Mark 1:14-20

God’s kingdom is like the energizer bunny, or an avalanche, or that boulder that chases Indianna Jones out of the temple, it just keeps going. God himself describes it that way in Daniel 2:34. He calls the kingdom of God a rock cut without hands. It rolls down and smashes the statue representing the kingdoms

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