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Jesus Only Has the Words of Life

Thursday August 19, 2021 Text: John 6:51-69 Speaker: Passages: John 6:51-69

Things that are hard: The fundamental theorem of calculus is hard for a lot of people to understand. It describes the relationship between differentiation and integration. There is a rock known as Jacob’s pillow in Becket, Massachusetts. It is not the actual rock that Jacob slept on but it would be hard to sleep on.

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The Wonder Bread From Heaven

Thursday August 12, 2021 Text: John 6:24-35 Speaker: Passages: John 6:24-35

Some twisty things are good, like rope and twizzlers others are not so good. In our text everything that Jesus says the Jews attempt to twist it back to earthly things. Every time the Jews try to twist it back to the earthly, Jesus attempts to call them on to the heavenly. Jesus wants us

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God Loves Us Without Caution

Sunday May 30, 2021 Text: John 3:1-17 Speaker: Festival: Passages: John 3:1-17

Most of us are probably familiar with the fact that there are two types of people when it comes to swimming. There are those who tip toe in and those who run and dive in. I prefer to dive in often without looking. This who I ended up with a face full of sand about

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The Victory AND the Ever After In Christ

Sunday May 16, 2021 Text: John 17:11-19 Speaker: Festival: Passages: John 17:11-19

Christ is victorious but we still have to live in this world. Yet we have this promise from Christ that the Father will keep us.

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Chosen To Bear Fruit

Sunday May 9, 2021 Text: John 15:16 Speaker: Festival: Passages: John 15:16

Jesus chose us and gives us everything we need so that we might bear fruit.

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The Pronouns of the Good Shepherd

Sunday April 25, 2021 Text: John 10:11-18 Speaker: Festival: Passages: John 10:11-18

I am the good shepherd, the one who alone is able to watch and guard and keep. He is the good shepherd because he has done it all for us. “You are with me,” even when we pass through fire and trials.

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Thomas: The One Who Asked And Received

Sunday April 18, 2021 Text: John 20:19-31 Speaker: Festival: Passages: John 20:19-31

Jesus responds by grace to sinful prayers and by that grace creates lives of joy.

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NT4 11 – Jesus Appears by Sea of Galilee

Friday April 16, 2021 Text: John 21:1-19 Passages: John 21:1-19

Jesus appears to his disciples and calls them again to leave behind fishing and become fishers of men. He reaffirms his love to Peter as well assuring him of forgiveness.

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NT4 10 – Jesus Appears to Thomas

Friday April 9, 2021 Text: John 20:19-31 Passages: John 20:19-31

Thomas doubts, but Jesus in his mercy appears to strength Thomas faith. Having received the Holy Spirit Thomas and the remaining disciples preach God’s word to the ends of the earth.

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