7.10 The Call of Matthew

Jesus encounters Matthew sitting at his tax booth. He tells Matthew to follow Him, and Matthew responds immediately, inviting Jesus to his home. There, Jesus and His disciples dine with other tax collectors and sinners despite the criticism of the Pharisees. When Jesus hears their comments, He reminds them that only those who recognize the sickness of their sin rejoice in the healing He alone can provide. 

Cities of Refuge:

On the west of Jordan were (1 Kadesh, in Naphtali; (2 Shechem, in Mount Ephraim; (3 Hebron, in Judah. 2. On the east of Jordan were, (1 Golan, in Bashan; (2 Ramoth-Gilead, in Gad; and (3 Bezer, in Reuben. – Copied from Easton’s, Illustrated Bible Dictionary

Cities of Refuge

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