Introduction and Expectations


  1. Worksheets
    1. Will be given after most classes and are due at the next class.
    2. It is far better to do them immediately rather than wait.
    3. These will be ¼ of your grade.
  2. Memory Work
    1. Memory work is due every Thursday, unless otherwise notified.
    2. Work on your memory work every day or you will not learn it.
    3. Part of you final examine will be the memory work assigned throughout the year, it is therefore important that you learn it well or you will fail the final.
    4. In general the students may learn the memory work in the translation of their choice but they should be consistent, the ESV or the NKJ is recommended. There are a few translations that are not acceptable. Students should make sure to confirm their choice with the pastor.
    5. Parental involvement is extremely important to the success of memory work, go over your child’s memory work every day with them and they will have no problem learning it.
  3. Tests
    1. There will be a test at the end of each section and at the end of the year.
    2. Sections vary in length, but in general there are four sections per school year.
    3. Review sheets will be given to the students before each test.
    4. There will not be anything on the test that is not on the worksheets. Take your time and do the worksheets and you will not have a problem with the tests.
    5. Tests will also count for ¼ of their grade.



  1. Sermon Summaries
    1. One is due every week that school is in session (except this first Sunday).
    2. That means a total of 33 sermon summaries.
    3. These summaries are ¼ of your grade if you do not do them you will get an F.
    4. They do not have to be my sermons, if you go to a different church that is fine.
    5. If you aren’t in church you can listen, watch, or read a sermon online at Podcast, Faith Lutheran Sermons
    6. Since there are holidays and Wednesday night services you will have ample opportunity to catch up should you miss one.

If any worksheets or memory work is not satisfactorily done when due, the student will stay in from recess until the work is completed.

All worksheets and memory work assigned will be available online at or go to -> school -> classes -> confirmation.


Any questions or comments may be directed to Pastor Matthew Ude at 920-398-0260 or by email .